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Student Responsibilities

Academic Work
Students are responsible for their academic achievement and are expected to undertake their work with integrity and honesty. The school supports students in being open, direct and truthful in all endeavors.

Students are promoted each year according to teacher recommendation with approval given by the Head of School. Students may be retained in a class if the teacher, Head of School and parents believe this is an appropriate course of action.

Home computers, electronic devices, cell phones, beepers, and entertainment devices are not appropriate for school use, and should be kept at home. If a child needs to be able to communicate with parents after school, any device bought in for this purpose should not be seen or heard during the school day. Calculators, classroom computers and electronic organizers are useful and permissible at the discretion of the classroom teacher.

The selling, trading, unauthorized exchanging or swapping of goods or services by students are not permissible.

Food Consumption
The school lunchroom and other occasionally designated areas are where food is consumed. Candy and chewing gum are not permitted.

Out-of-school Activities
All activities under Westfield’s auspices are conducted with all school rules and expectations in operation at all times.

Illness and Injuries
All illnesses and injuries occurring during the school day must be promptly reported to the school nurse.

Students who are transferred in or out of the school must follow the policies established by Westfield or the receiving or sending institution. Original student records are directly transmitted to receiving schools and only original records are acceptable for admission to the school.

Suspension and Expulsion
There are rare occasions when a student’s behavior prohibits them from fully participating in the life of the school. The Headmaster may remove a student for a short time (suspension) or permanently (expulsion) for behavior which is considered unacceptable within a Friends school community dedicated to peace and harmony.

Reenrollment of Continuing Students
Reenrollment contracts for the coming school year are issued each spring and detailed at that time. Issuance of contracts may be withheld at the discretion of the school.