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Cafeteria Info

New for the 2015-2016 School Year… exciting changes to our food service program! Many new lunch offerings, including healthy fruits and veggies, salads, whole grains – everything that parents and staff are asking for and great taste to make all of our students happy as well! We will be posting monthly menus with details about each day’s choices and provide nutritional information too! 

Our Cafeteria is managed by the Princeton Food Group. Multiple food and beverage options are offered to our students everyday, and we endeavor to make this of reasonable value. Many students also bring packed lunches and then purchase beverages or light snacks from the cafeteria. The cafeteria operates a computerized point-of-sale payment system, with each student being given a 4 digit PIN number at the start of their school career.

    Benefits of the Computerized Point-of-Sale System:
  • Time Saving
    Parents can prepay their child’s account in any amount (preferably by check), at any time, and not have to be concerned with coming up with the correct change each morning.
  • Convenient
    Your child is only charged for the meals and food they have purchased. You will be notified when their balance gets low. When sending in prepayment money, please include your child’s PIN number on the envelope or check. Please make checks payable to WFS CAFETERIA. If the money is to be divided between two or more students, please put this in writing and indicate how much is for each child, along with each child’s PIN number.
  • Increased Security
    When the student enters their PIN number, the student appears on the screen, so the cashier can confirm that this account does belong to this student.

Welcome Letter from Princeton Foods Westfield Friends Cafeteria


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