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Room Parents

There is one room parent, and one or two assistant room parents for every grade.

There are four key areas of responsibility for Head Room Parents:

    1. Communication

  • With parents – including snow day notification and upcoming calendar events and fundraising activity.
  • With teaching staff – meet with your teacher and ask what teacher expects of parents in terms of involvement in the classroom, class trips, end of term activities etc.
    2. Coordination of parental events in the classroom, including;

  • Holiday class party
  • Post class play food (waters, juices, baked goods, fruit, vegetables, etc.)
    3. Organizing end of term gifts and event thank you’s for staff

  • Post concert flowers and thank you cards – for teachers and music teacher.
  • Ensure parents understand that any additional gifting is entirely voluntary and not expected by the staff.
    4. Administration

  • Creation of class contact list – emergency contact numbers and e-mail list for ongoing updates.
  • Collection of class dues and management of expenditures.
  • Head room parent to ensure one room parent rep (self or assistant) attends each Parent Council Meeting.