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Moorestown Friends Students’ Senior Projects at Westfield

Moorestown Friends School Senior Projects at Westfield Friends School

by Katie Kasperson, WFS ‘13 and MFS ‘17

(from left: Hannah, Katie, Natalie and Jacob)





Hannah Thomson – 1st Grade

Hannah has been working in the First Grade classroom helping teacher Kristin Hoffman with several activities and assignments, including the Kindergarten and 1st Grade Musical, Famous Faces (a report on popular and influential people of the last century), a science test on basic biology, and more. Hannah assists Ms. Hoffman with walking the children to and from their special classes, grading and helping them with their work, and managing them in the classroom. Hannah is leaning towards a career in elementary education, which she will be pursuing at McDaniel College in the fall.

Natalie Zakroff – Pre-K and Kindergarten

Natalie has divided her time equally between the Pre-K and Kindergarten classes. For the first two weeks, she spent mornings with Pre-K and afternoons with K, and the second two weeks have been the opposite. She helped out with the Kindergarten and 1st Grade Musical, Grandparents and Special Friends Day, and the Pre-K art show. In the classrooms, she has been assisting teachers Heather Marrazzo (Pre-K) and Elizabeth DiPasquale (K) with teaching the kids the alphabet, helping them to improve their handwriting, reading with them, and playing with them outside. Natalie has really enjoyed her time spent here at WFS and has cherished working with the Pre-K and Kindergarten students and faculty. Natalie will be attending The College of New Jersey next fall.

Jacob Desman – 7th and 8th Grade Math & Science, Art

Jacob, a 2013 graduate of WFS, has been primarily helping in the 7th and 8th Grade wing, sitting in on classes such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Algebra 1, and lending a hand when needed.  He is also helping the 8th grade students with their graduation speeches in preparation for the big day next week. Some of the science projects he has done with the students include a squid dissection (Biology) and a bridge-building exercise (Physics). Jacob is using his knowledge of math and science to give a new perspective to the programs. He has also been collaborating with Eva Peak and Katie Kasperson in the 8th Grade Algebra 1 class by working with a group of 4 students more independently than in a regular class setting. In the afternoons, when Jacob is not busy with STEM classes, he focuses on his love and talent for art with visual arts teacher Deborah Marris. Hopefully he will be able to pursue all of his passions, STEM and art included, next fall when he begins studying at Johns Hopkins University.

Katie Kasperson – 8th Grade Math, 5th Grade Spanish, Marketing

Katie, another 2013 graduate and member of the Charter Club of WFS, has picked up many different jobs during her senior project. She works as a teacher’s aid during the mornings and as a marketing assistant in the afternoons. She has been working with Jacob Desman and Eva Peak in the 8th Grade Algebra 1 class with a group of 3 students, and with Michael DiClaudio in the 5th Grade Spanish 1 class with the whole class. She has taken pictures of and been active at the many events held this month, including the Pancake Breakfast, Grandparents and Special Friends Day, Field Day, the Kindergarten and 1st Grade Musical, and Spring Clean-Up. Assisting Debra Hojsak in the advancement office, Katie has also written several articles to be published on the WFS website, including “Preparing for the Future of Programming,” “The Class of 2013 – Where Are They Now?” and “Building a Strong Foundation – A Pre-K Education at Westfield.” Katie has truly enjoyed her return to Westfield and hopes that she can continue giving back to the community. She will be attending the College of William & Mary next fall.

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