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Quaker School

Section 1 - Mission Statement

Westfield Friends School has been operated under the care of the Westfield Friends Meeting for all of its history. From its commencement in 1785, under the care of Abraham Warrington, the school has encouraged “everyone of good character” to join its community. The care relationship between the Meeting and the School has shaped both communities for all of these years and remains a precious stewardship and trust.

We believe that school, home, and your place of worship, are each of vital importance in developing spiritual values and attitudes in a child. As a Friends school, we consider it our duty as well as our privilege to foster the spiritual life of the children under our care. This responsibility is implemented both formally and informally in our daily personal contact with your child. There is a short worship period each morning for the Second to Eighth Grades, when a variety of subjects are shared and discussed. These subjects range from art history to bible passages that link to current social themes. Our students also gather in the Meeting House for traditional worship on Wednesday mornings. During this period the children sit in quiet meditation or vocally share their thoughts with the group. All the children are encouraged to recognize the inner light of God in them and in others and to feel a moral responsibility toward others in everyday living.

Quaker values are demonstrated within every area of the school, both work and play. Students are encouraged to work collaboratively, to focus on being their best, rather than the best, and to be caring, kind and considerate in their thoughts, words and deeds.