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Why Us?

What are the unique characteristics of Westfield Friends School?

Warm and friendly atmosphere – Academic excellence that prepares each student for the high school of their choice and acceptance into some of the top colleges and universities in the country – Students learn to care about others and their community – Small class sizes equate to individual attention and hands-on learning – Self-confidence and self awareness!

 As a Friends school, operating under the care of Westfield Friends Meeting, Westfield takes the mission of Quaker education seriously. Learning proceeds according to the testimonies of Friends, striving to live in the spirit of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, environmental stewardship and service. These are not separate areas of study, but these are the way Quakers go through their daily lives and the way Quaker education guides students of all ages in its care and in its communities.

A kind and nurturing environment, where there is a real focus on educational excellence and students are truly encouraged to be creative and independent thinkers, whether working together on science projects inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, writing their own plays for presentation to the school and parents, or entering regional and international educational competitions. The curriculum extends beyond the core subjects to include enrichment in social studies, science, languages and the arts. Westfield emphasizes a hands-on-approach to learning that brings academics to life for children, whether third graders are following in the founding fathers’ footsteps as they tour Philadelphia, or whether mixed groups of students are planting butterfly and vegetable gardens together.

As well as the focus on education, Westfield works to ensure students are imbued with qualities of responsibility and concern for others and the greater good. Every class has service projects that they deliver and there are many cross-school initiatives that take place every year.

Cross grade interaction takes place all year – The caring connection nurtured between children across the grades is seen most clearly on Quaker Fridays. Once a month, students of all ages work in teams on different projects, from Spring clean up to Harvest pumpkin carving to decorating the school for the holidays. The spirit of community that this creates is best exhibited in the Thanksgiving & Christmas shows, when every class works together to deliver musical performances featuring instruments from African drums, to guitars, to chimes, bells and penny whistles.

Westfield gives each child a true gift – that of strong, yet humble, self-confidence. From pre-Kindergarten onwards, each class performs on the stage before an audience of several hundred parents at least twice a year. Westfield students grow up knowing that they can sing, act, deliver speeches and play instruments in front of an audience – and have fun while they do it.

Meeting for Worship
In the manner of Friends, the school community meets for silent worship in the Meetinghouse on Wednesday mornings. This is a time of communal, silent meditation. It is an opportunity for self-reflection as well as for meaningful speech. In the spirit of the Friends testimonies, the speech of the youngest child is given the respect of the speech of an adult; there is no discrimination in the spirit.

Statement on Diversity 

At Westfield Friends, diversity is integral to our educational objectives and to our mission as a Quaker school. The defining belief of Quakerism is that there is “that of God” in everyone. That belief gives rise to a profound respect for the dignity of each person and an obligation to lead on issues of social justice. Guided by Quaker principles, we seek to build and sustain a community of students, families, faculty, staff, administrators and trustees with a variety of identities—in terms of culture, economic means, ethnicity, gender, nationality, race, religion and sexual orientation.