Pre-Kindergarten Teacher:  Mrs. Heather Marrazzo  – Pre-K Assistant: Mrs. Maureen Matulewicz

(4 and 5 year olds)

NEW OPTIONS for the 2017-2018 School Year!

Westfield Friends will offer Five Full Days OR Five Half Days OR Three Full Days to help families that need different schedules. See our tuition page for more details on pricing.

In Pre-K our goal is to promote positive attitudes towards school, encourage responsibility and independence, and start children on a path towards a happy and successful time at WFS. In the Pre-K class, teachers act as guides to our students, providing multiple opportunities for growth in social skills and in self-confidence, helping the children to make the right choices.

From the first day our Pre-K children enter the school, they are able to enjoy a full and rich curriculum. As well as the core subject areas outlined below, the Pre-K class enjoys unique lessons with the computer studies, art, Spanish, and music teachers. At this age, we believe creative arts are especially important and so art projects are included in our daily schedule. Socialization is key and each child learns how to be a true friend through indoor and outdoor play.

The teachers focus strongly on literacy – speaking, listening, reading and writing – establishing a foundation for success for the rest of their school experience. These four components of our literacy program are connected and supported in every topic studied. The teachers’ work through multiple topic areas that our students are naturally interested in to enhance these skills, including colors and shapes; animals and plant growth; owls, bats, spiders, and pumpkins.

Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum Overview:

Reading/Language Arts

  • Listening – sequencing, following directions and enjoying books.
  • Verbal communication – verbalizing thoughts, telling stories, and speaking in a group.
  • Focus on rhyming and initial consonant sounds through art, stories and games.
  • Creation of student books.
  • Inventive writing and writing of books.


  • Number recognition, counting and printing – 1 to 15.
  • Understanding classifying, sorting and grouping numbers.
  • Copying and completing patterns.
  • Measuring and simple addition.


  • Natural environment – growing processes; the development of pumpkins and apples, bats, owls, and spiders.
  • Insects – their importance and special characteristics
  • Animals – Body coverings;  life cycles of frogs and ladybugs.

Social Studies

  • Artists – we study three major groups of artists during each semester of the school year:
    • Some of the artists include: Vincent Van Gogh, Jackson Pollock and Claude Monet.
  • A highlight of the year comes with the Pre-K Art Show in early May, when the whole school comes to visit our room to see the incredible work that the children have developed after studying various major artists during the year.

Even at this early age, we believe it is important that our children understand the importance of community involvement, and so the class participates in two service projects for the full year:

  •  Coordinating the school-wide collection of soft drink tabs for Ronald McDonald House.
  •  Collecting fruits and vegetables for a local family in need – helping the children to understand that there are others less fortunate than themselves.