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School Board

Westfield Friends School operates under the governance of the School Board, appointed by the Westfield Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends.

    In general, the School Board is responsible for:

  • Setting long term strategy and enacting policies for the school,
  • Overseeing the school’s financial affairs,
  • Maintenance and enhancements to the physical structure,
  • Supporting the Head of School in the areas of long-range planning and fund raising,
  • Seeking the continued spiritual growth of all in the school community,
  • Hiring and supervising the Head of School,
    The current school board consists of 11 members:
  • Peter Taylor – Clerk
  • John Cope – Treasurer
  • Suzanne Day
  • Joan Spagnoletti
  • Stephanie Judson
  • William Carrigan
  • Tricia Summers Cranmer
  • Jack Allison
  • Frank Urbano
  • Susan Butz Ellis
  • William Aldrich